Leadership Matters 

  • The changing nature of how leaders are perceived and how they function in the culture and in the church. 

Teams and Delegation

  • Leading staff teams and harmonious ministry teams and groups. 
  • Using delegation and teams to share the workload. 


Clarifying Vision 

  • Visional practices of discernment, ministry design, and decision-making that enable the design of fruitful ministry. 
  • Learning the difference between linear, straightforward planning and resolving non- linear, adaptive challenges.



Motivation & Team Based Leadership

  • Moving and motivating people to embrace and accomplish vision through team-based leadership.
  • The essential practices of invitation, association, and persuasion.

Passing the Baton

  • Matters of accountability and encouragement. 
  • Ways to reproduce in others the leadership capacities in you. 
  • The dimensions of leadership centered on the person of the leader and ways to value those whom we lead.

Our Adaptive Environment 

  • Ways to discern the differences among simple, complicated, complex adaptive and chaotic challenges. 
  • Effective processes for navigating adaptive (non-linear) challenges.