Our society is in need of a major spiritual impact. No small influence will do.
— James R. Tozer

We all understand healthy, vital, well-led congregations care for our souls and send us to serve.

Given the changing leadership climate in America, the lack of formal leadership development of many our pastors and church leaders, the adaptive challenges facing us and the rise of missional thinking, we know our need  - a major new emphasis on leadership enhancement.

Consider what would it mean… how could it happen... that a tsunami of hundreds of pastors and other church leaders would radically commit themselves to Jesus, to lead like Jesus and to lead for Jesus.

In our rapidly changing culture we need pastors and other church leaders who are living their faith and light on their feet. We want to lead people in ways that affirm their core values while moving with them into a new future.

Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of pastors and congregations offering concepts designed to grow congregational vitality and missional engagement in our changing day. We see many vital, flourishing congregations whose pastors and other leaders lead warmly and who lead well. We also see congregations treading water while the challenge of coping with difficult people and the sheer chaos of life neutralizes their leaders’ capacity to lead well.

Since pastors and other church leaders often receive little formal equipping in the art of leading, what they know about leadership is typically learned On The Job - OJT. You might say the exemplary leaders grow better through their leadership experiences of success and failure. The rest simply grew older!

Of course, Christian leadership is linked to discipleship. A person who is apprenticed to Jesus, who grows as Jesus' disciple, grows to be like Jesus and accordingly grows as a leader. Growth in leadership requires we grow our own soul, grow in our heart for people, and grow in the art of leading.

However competent you are as a leader at this moment, what would it mean for you to become more capable, more fruitful, more of the leader our Lord has designed you to be?

Barnabas was one of the finest leaders we discover in Scripture, a good person, full of the  Spirit who was a great encourager and developer of other leaders. We invite you to join us in the Barnabas Leadership movement and grow into the leader our Lord envisions you to be!