Q: How many people are in a Barnabas Group

A: Typically groups include 10-18 pastors or lay leaders.

Q: How often do groups meet?

A: Groups meet three times a year for two years from noon to noon and one overnight in a convenient location.

Q: Are any readings required?

 A: Participants will be asked to read several books, blogs, and pertinent articles each year.

Q: How are groups formed?

A: There are three ways to form groups - within denominational regions, within individual congregations, and by means of   open enrollment. If you have interest in initiating a group,  email stan@vitalchurches.com or call Stan Ott at 703-598-9536 for more information.

Q: How are leadership strengths and weaknesses assessed?

A: Leadership Inventory Assessments are conducted on-line using your input and the input of others who are familiar with you approach to leadership. 

Q: What is provided to participants?

A: - Leadership for the six gatherings of the Barnabas Leadership Group.

   - Guidance for the peer coaching groups that will meet monthly.

   - Materials (excluding books) in hard copy and downloadable formats and access to PowerPoint presentations and videos for the gatherings.

  - Emailed resources between gatherings.

  - Participation in the Barnabas Leadership Groups online community.

  - Email and Skype-based interaction with Barnabas Leadership Coaches