We are assembling one or more Canadian Barnabas Leadership Groups.  Please let us know if you have interest by clicking the Canadian Interest Form button and completing the form.

The purpose of the Barnabas Leadership Group is to serve persons with the heart and humility to grow in their own soul care and in their capacity to lead. Growth in the vitality of the congregation and in all facets of daily life is our aim.

Each Barnabas Leadership Group will meet three times a year over a twenty-four hour time period (12:30 pm to noon the next day) for two years.

Smaller groups will meet every month or two for mutual encouragement in the practices being taught. Such meetings will be either face-to-face meetings or by means of Skype or other online applications.

The lead coach will be E. Stanley Ott who has conducted seminars on congregational vitality in Barrie and London and who has led hundreds of events in the States centered on growing congregational vitality and missional impact.

We are looking forward to the launch of Canadian Barnabas Leadership Groups in either Fall of 2015 or early 2016. We would love to have you join us in this wonderful journey.  We will choose retreat locations that are as convenient as possible for everyone who indicates interests in the Canadian Barnabas Leadership Groups. We know that some of the group may have more distance to travel.

Please let us know your interest by completing the Canadian Interest Form