Barnabas Leadership Groups are sprouting up wherever there are those whose heart is to grow in the care of the souls – their own and others – and in the leadership capacity helpful in serving God’s people.

Barnabas Leadership Groups are groups of around fifteen pastors and other church leaders that meet in a focused, formal initiative to enhance their leadership capacity.  They meet three times a year, for two years as a guided learning community. Each gathering combines direct instruction, reading assignments and reflection on leadership theory and actual leadership moments from members' personal experiences.


Our lives and ministries are our “leadership lab” where we address the variety of leadership moments of our lives such as:    

  • Developing a healthy functioning team 
  • Caring for people in personal crisis
  • Making plans for the next year
  • Responding to complaints and criticism 
  • Growing financial stability 
  • Handling a neighbor’s concerns 
  • Guiding a child’s behavior

Do you have the heart and the humility to grow as a leader?

Since leadership is intrinsically linked with discipleship, we encourage the growth of your personal soul care. Your own spiritual formation will profoundly shape your practice of leadership.

No matter how good any of us may be as leaders, there is more to learn of leadership. While some of us have had formal leadership development experiences, all of us will benefit from a leadership refresher and reinforcing community.

The Barnabas Leadership Group aims to amplify the knowledge of leadership you do have and translate more of it into your actual practice of leading. While current leadership literature uses concepts such as transformational and agile leadership, technical and adaptive and scripture has much to say about leading, the Barnabas process frames these leadership concepts for use in your actual daily life.

  • Cultivate the care of your own soul
  • Engage in life-giving spiritual practices and a Rule of Life
  • Grow in essential practices of effective leaders and their application in today’s adaptive changing environments 
  • Discover your leadership strengths and areas for growth using relevant assessments and personal feedback 
  • Enhance your effectiveness in the leadership challenges of your ministry, home, work and community 
  • Navigate the challenges our culture’s changing relationships among leaders and followers 
  • Reinforce your leadership competencies and capacities through Barnabas Leadership Group gatherings peer cluster discussions and Barnabas leadership coaches.

Who is Welcome in a Barnabas Group? You are!

If you have the heart and the humility to grow as a leader - no matter what your current level of leadership excellence may be - you are welcome.

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